About Us

the band in a nutshell


We are a band from Haddonfield, NJ started in 2015.  Through some lineup changes and even a change in musical style to match our personalities and musical backgrounds, Black Cat Blue found themselves with the powerhouse lineup we have now.  From the dynamic, talented and fun-loving Janine on vocals and percussion, the immensely talented and versatile Joey on guitars and vocals, the Mojo Man brings the amazing talent on keyboards, vocals and saxophone, and they round out the melodic sound that Black Cat Blue is known to possess and take the front of the stage.  The ground shaking foundation and rhythm section in the back is the amazingly talented Dennis on the bass guitar.

the musicians


Janine Yannessa: Vocals & Percussion
Joey Costa: Guitars & Vocals
Mojo Man: Keyboards/Saxophone & Vocals
Dennis Williams: Bass Guitar & Vocals

bringing the blues out with attitude


We love the blues, and bring our style to it, along with smooth jazz, nasty funk and great old time rock & roll.  Perfecting our craft in our rehearsal studio, The Cat Cave, located in the scenic, historic and quaint town of Haddonfield.